Building with Terracotta products provides healthy and enjoyable living conditions


Why just build a house, when you can construct a dream home. A home that is unique and reflects your finer tastes. At TerraHome concepts & Constructions, it is our mission to give yon that cherished possession. Because we understand that the quality of your life depends on the quality of your home. Factors like room temperature, odour, color, light, sensations etc. have a telling impact. Thus, it is important that you choose the right kind of building materials as well as the building techniques. terracotta

Complete Terracotta Building Solutions

we are well equipped to deliver complete terracotta building solutions... right from the concept to design to execution. Our specialized workforces have the expertise to give shape to your complete terracotta building requirements.
We are a construction group with a difference with outstanding track records. Our number of constructions using terracotta products in and around the city speaks volumes on it’s Perfection, Aesthetic elegance, User-friendly setup and it’s Green building quality.
Go for green

A green building is an environment-friendly building. While it lessens the harm on Mother Nature, it provides you a healthy living ambience. Terracotta is an environment-friendly raw material. It gives you the best of both worlds. Elegance meets the aesthetic. Ergonomics and economy go hand in band. Modernity and tradition blend in harmony.

What is a Green Building ?
Buildings have major environmental impacts over their entire life cycle. Resources such as ground cover, forests, water, and energy are depleted to construct and operate buildings. Resource-intensive materials provide the building envelope and landscaping adds beauty to it – in turn using up water and pesticides to maintain it. Energy-consuming systems for lighting, space conditioning and water heating provide comfort to its occupants. Hi-tech controls add intelligence to ‘inanimate’ buildings so that they can respond to varying conditions, and intelligently monitor and control resource use, security, and usage of fire systems etc. in the building. Water is another vital resource for the occupants, which gets consumed continuously during building construction and operation. Several building processes and occupant functions generate large amounts of waste.
A green building depletes as little of the natural resources during its construction and operation.