Terracotta Walls    

We, Terrahome Concepts & Constructions, deliver building walls with terracotta hollow blocks , wire-cut bricks and claddings with terracotta tiles. Terracotta walls generate warmth, light in weight, weather proof, elegant, rustic, reasonable and durable
Terracotta Roofing    

We, Terrahome Concepts & Constructions, construct terracotta hollow block roofs, wood\MS truss Mangalore-tiled roofs, filler slab roofs, jack's arch roofs, hurdi block roofs, terracotta decorative tiles on RCC slope roofs and weather proof tiling on roofs. Terracotta roofing assimilates traditional architecture with modern architecture. The advantages of terracotta roofing are making room cool, light in weight, weatherproof, elegant, rustic, reasonable and durable.
Terracotta Flooring  

We, Terrahome Concepts & Constructions, provides attractive, health relevent and long lasting terracotta floorings which including terrace tiling, internal floor tiling, external floor tiling, pavement tiling. Terra cotta flooring produces a floor, which retains heat remarkably well. We offer various shapes and best quality floor tiles to our distinguished customers.
Terracotta Landscaping    

We, Terrahome Concepts & Constructions, provides wide range of terracotta landscaping services. We offer highly creative and practical terracotta landscaping services for residential complexes, which comprises of wire cut brick planter boxes, terracotta kerbs and terracotta paving, etc increases the beauty of the place by giving it an ethic look.
Terracotta Waterproofing    

We furnish complete terracotta waterproofing solutions at reasonable price range, which is also environmental friendly. It has high performance characteristics. By providing the most effective waterproofing solutions, we are able to prevent corrosion while extending the longevity and enhancing the appearance of the homes. We are committed completely to build a one-of-a-kind dream home.
Wooden Flooring  
We offer a wide range of quality wooden flooring in impeccable designs and styles. Wooden flooring is comprehensively used for residential, heavy duty and Commercial purposes. We offer wooden floorings, which are easy to maintain. These are long lasting and can be easily cleaned, available at reasonable price, range and quality offer excellent performance. our product depicts strength and durability.
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